Kids & Youth Overview


Why Parents Bring Their Children to Park City Community Church

Children and their active participation are a vital part of Park City Community Church’s mission.  Our youngest children attend our Nursery, kids attend Sunday School Classes, and older kids are invited to be part of the PCCC Youth Group.

To celebrate with children, the beginning of every 9 am Sunday Worship Service includes a message for children…  when they are called forward to the front of the Sanctuary for a conversation with Pastor Tracy Hausman.  Their message ends with a prayer and then they head for Sunday School.

Adults often mention the Children’s Message as both memorable and heartwarming.

The PCCC youth group, Student & Children's Ministries, is designed for kids in grades 6-12.  PCCC strives to ensure a safe, transparent place where youth can be themselves. We encourage bible study (knowledge), service, prayer, and community, as a way to connect to God.

The youth of PCCC are encouraged to discover a love for Jesus that is personal, and relevant, keeping in mind all people are on different journeys with God.  Above all we strive for children’s’ personal transformation that will transform our world.

Seven Reasons Children Benefit from Church

Research1 has shown that children of parents who regularly attend church fare better behaviorally, emotionally and cognitively than do children of parents who never attend church. In fact, the more often the parents attend, the better off their kids.

Gallup Research indicates that “churchgoers” (those who regularly attend church) describe themselves as having more positive emotions and less negative emotions than people who do not regularly attend a church, synagogue, or mosque.

Attending Church with their parents has many benefits to children – some obvious and others a bit more in the background:

1)  Church Reaffirms A Child’s Identity:  Awash in new technologies and always subject to peer pressure from friends, attending Church often serves to remind children that they are essentially good at heart.

Children discover a spiritual strength that engenders good decision-making.  How terrific must it feel to learn that God has a wonderful plan for your life.

2)  Church Provides Friendship & A Sense of Community:  Friendships with like-minded kids who are raised by caring parents who understand the value of spiritual life are often the source of many children’s’ best friends.  In addition, the mix of families, cultures, heritage, and traditions serves to strengthen a child’s sense of community.

3)  The Me Generation Serves Others:  While much of children’s lives are focused on getting what they want, Church and Sunday School offer powerful lessons in how to serve others – to build a focus beyond ourselves. 

Whether it’s going with a parent to deliver meals to those who are ill or being part of a large organized service project, kids discover joy and recognition in helping others.  And those values will last a lifetime.

It’s in Church and Sunday School that children learn to love themselves and love others – to begin a path of personal transformation and to take an active role in making the world a better place.

4)  A Personal Relationship with God:  By being part of the Children’s Message at the 9 am Sunday Worship Service and though participation in Sunday School, children take the first important steps to creating their own, personal relationship with Jesus and God.

5)  Learning To Give:  Studies show that when children learn the importance being generous ... even in small amounts (e.g., pennies for porridge) that the value of contributing lasts a lifetime.

6)  The Value of Work:  Working with their peers, kids can learn the value of work … whether it’s helping to clean the Church or cooking a dinner for the entire congregation to help fund a youth mission trip.

7)  A Love of Music:  Singing together creates powerful family and community bonds.  Joining voices with the Church choir lifts everyone’s spirits … as does hymns and spiritual music selections sung by the choir or played by talented musicians.

For children and youth who believe music comes from iPads and iPhones, it’s often a new experience to take part in creating music.  That’s especially true when the types of music and the way they are performed are so different than their everyday exposure.

Children and their parents who sing in church often sing at home ... finding joy at the same time they are strengthening themselves as a family.

1The study by sociologist John P. Bartkowski and a team of researchers at Mississippi State University examined data from the nationwide Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, which evaluated first-graders by interviewing parents and teachers. In the data Bartkowski used, some 9,500 parents and 8,800 teachers were interviewed. The ECLS study was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics.