Planned Giving & Estate Planning

Making a Planned Gift to Park City Community Church

Few people understand Planned Giving, but the concept is simple

Unlike commitments to the Annual Stewardship Campaign, Mission Trips, or other traditional forms of supporting the Park City Community Church, planned gifts are "gifts that require planning." 

Planned gifts almost always have a "future-focus" and are generally larger than annual gifts.  In fact, many people who make planned gifts believe them to be a way of continuing their annual support forever!

Most people's first experience with a planned gift comes when they prepare a Last Will & Testament.  Considering the benefits of having even a simple will, it's surprising that roughly 70% of adults do NOT have a Will.  Wills allow you to direct how your savings, home and other assets are distributed upon your death. 

While most of us believe we'll cheat death and live forever, accidents, illness, and old age will ultimately prove us wrong.  For younger people, a Will can prove essential in establishing your wishes for the guardianship of minor children.  Older individuals appreciate that a Will can eliminate (or reduce) family disagreements about how you wanted your assets distributed.  Many Wills include gifts (bequests) to an individual's Church and other nonprofit organizations of personal importance to them.

In addition to making a Bequest in your Last Will & Testament, there are many other types of Planned Gifts that allow individuals to care for nonprofit organizations like Park City Community Church.  Gifts for PCCC’s mission and annual operations are most helpful in giving the Church Leadership the flexibility to allocate funds where they will do the most good. However, it also is possible to designate your gift for a particular purpose.

Large gifts often fund a person's life-long-dream ... whether it's strengthening Sunday School Classes for the very young or increasing PCCC's capability to assist people of other countries through our International outreach and missions.

Large nonprofit organizations have Planned Giving professionals on staff, but that's not necessary for you to make a Planned Gift to PCCC.

What Types of Assets Can You Contribute in a Planned Gift to PCCC

There are many types of assets that can be used to fund a charitable gift to Park City Community Church, including:

• Stock, Bonds and other appreciated securities
• Real Estate
• Personal Property (land)
• Business Interests
• IRAs, 401k's and other retirement plans
• Life Insurance
• Cash and other assets  (e.g., art, coin collections, etc).

Several types of Planned Gifts actually begin by paying you and your family income and then helping PCCC at a later date. These also can enable you to exchange non-liquid assets for annual income and tax benefits. The "Lead Trust" is a type of Planned Gift that can help people transfer wealth to their children and grandchildren in a tax-efficient manner. 

The IRS has extended the maximum $5.25 million (per individual), $10.50 million (per couple) gift and estate tax exemption on these types of gifts.  Cash and high-basis marketable securities are the best assets to fund a lead trust.

Another type of Planned Giving is the contribution of long-term appreciated securities to PCCC.  By transferring stock (rather than their proceeds) to PCCC, people can receive some significant benefits, including being able to deduct the current fair market value of the securities as opposed to their cost when purchased.

Gifts can provide lifetime income for you and a contribution to PCCC

You can make a gift to Park City Community Church through a trust or annuity that will pay you and / or another beneficiary annual income for life. At the death of the last income beneficiary, the remaining principal is transferred to PCCC.

Basically, here's how a Lifetime Income Contribution Works:  a) Donor transfers an asset to a life income plan;  b)  Donor/beneficiary receives annual income, and;  c)  When the plan terminates, the remainder principal passes to Park City Community Church.

If you are considering a Planned Gift to Park City Community Church, please talk with you personal attorney, tax advisor, and, if you feel it appropriate, have a strictly confidential conversation with Pastor Tracy Hausman.  She can be reached at the Church's offices by phone at 435-649-8131 or by e-mail at <>.