The PCCC Story

Here's a story that begins with more than one-hundred years of history.  It is a story of people's commitment and the importance of working as a community to create a beautiful church with stunning views of Park City mountains.

That's worth celebrating, but it's not the most important part of Park City Community Church's story ... a story that is about the here and now -- about today.  Each individual and family walks away from church with a renewed sense of God's love and connection to a community of faith.

If you listen carefully, you'll find those leaving Sunday Worship Services taking a moment to thank Pastor Tracy for that day's sermon. Their most frequent comment is how her sermon was relevant to the very challenges facing them today ... and how they felt she was speaking directly to them ... leaving them with a fresh, practical, memorable, and touching perspectives.

As Sunday Worship Services end and you walk down the isle and out the doors to the sanctuary, you'll notice a small sign.  It reminds you to "Love God & Love Others." 

Each time you see that sign, you'll discover it has a deeper meaning.  It calls each of us to be engaged and active in our relationships with others.  It is a call to action.  A passion to make a difference.  We follow Jesus' footsteps.  We desire to make our church, our community, and the world better by serving others ... in both large and small ways.  In short, we seek to transform ourselves and transform the world.

The story of Park City Community Church has no end.  But, through the faith, friendship, and commitment of the people who attend, it does offer many people a new beginning.


Park City Community Church was one of the first Protestant churches in the area, established by a Methodist Circuit Rider in the small mining town of Park City in 1881.  The original Park City Community Church was built at the corner of Park Avenue and Fourth Street in Old Town Park City.

We now enjoy our current location with expanded facilities and beautiful views.