Not Receiving PCCC E-Mails

Not Receiving The PCCC eNews?

If you've signed up for PCCC eNews, Childrens eNews or Student Ministries eNews, and are not receiving our e-mails, please continue reading.  We want to help you set up your e-mail program to properly receive our e-mail updates.

IF YOU USE GOOGLE'S GMAIL:  Gmail sorts your emails into three folders: Primary, Social, and Promotions.  When we send out emails through Vertical Response, Gmail puts our emails in your Promotions folder.

A simple way to correct Gmail's behavior is to find one of PCCC eNewsletter e-mails in your Promotions folder and drag the email into the Primary tab.  Gmail will then prompt you, asking "Should I do this for all future emails?," simply click Yes. You should now receive all of our emails in your Primary folder.

ADDING US TO YOUR CONTACT LIST:  The firm we are using (Vertical Response) is whitelisted with most e-mail suppliers, but your computer may be treating our eNews as spam.  To resolve that problem, you just need to add an e-mail address to your computer’s own “white list.”

It’s really quite easy.  Here’s how.  Add this contact e-mail to your address book:

You can also follow the instructions at the following link to set up your own e-mail software / program / client to recognize our eNews is not spam:

PCCC eNews is generally sent on Thursdays or Fridays of the week.  If the above tips don’t allow you to receive the eNews, please contact the office and we’ll get someone to help you.

If you use a corporate e-mail, you may want to contact your IT department.  Share this article and provide them with the following advance settings.

VerticalResponse Domains: 

From domain -

Bounce domain -

VerticalResponse IP ranges:,,

Thank you.