Baptism is the rite by which God’s Spirit begins a new life for a person, adopting him/her into the family of God.

Methodists believe baptism is a gift from God. We believe that God’s grace is bestowed in the partaking of the act.

The sacrament of baptism is open to infants, children and adults.

To arrange for a baptism, simply contact Pastor Tracy Hausman and let her know your wishes.  To inquire by e-mail just CLICK HERE or call the church office at 435-649-8131.

After counseling, a date will be chosen for the sacrament to be administered during a Sunday worship service. To present a child for baptism, parent must be a professing member of the church.

During the ceremony, the parent(s) take a vow to raise the child in the church until the child can accept God’s covenant for themselves.