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5.19.19 Reflections

There are some people who can't pass a mirror without looking at their own image. There are others who dread looking in a mirror.

Take a few moments this week and stand before a mirror. Truly examine what you see. Are there ever days you barely recognize yourself? Are there other days you smile at the image reflected back at you? Some days you may turn away in sadness or disgust. 

Look up Genesis 1:27 this week. As you read the Bible verse, reflect on what it means to you to be created in God's image--what that tells you about yourself and all of humanity.

5.12.19 Mother’s Day

 It is my experience of a loving God, a compassionated Christ and the embrace of a faith community that helps me navigate the great joy and complexity of my human relationships. I want and need my church to be a place where we share our own stories of relationships with honesty, faith, passion and compassion. Then we will be open and ready to receive the acceptance, forgiveness and encouragement that Christ offers, allowing us to move forward as kinder, more loving, more compassionate parents, grandparents, children and supporters of families that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

5.5.19 Jesus Is Still Speaking

Is Jesus still speaking? Does Jesus still have anything to say about the issues we face today? Could it be that Jesus is still speaking in and through you?

 This is what Jesus is trying to tell us when on Easter evening he turns to his followers and says “As the father has sent me, so I am sending you.” Easter comes with a calling, a mission – that each us is sent back into the world to make a difference.

4.29.19 Jesus Is Still Speaking

We just celebrated another glorious Easter – the good news of the resurrected Christ who comes to bring us new life. Wouldn’t it be great to capture that powerful spirit of hope and have it override all the challenges, conflict and pain we each encounter in our daily living? 

Even Jesus’ closest followers had a difficult time trusting the promise of the resurrection. What felt more real to them was the deep disappointment, grief and loss that filled their hearts. 

4.21.19 Caught Off Guard By The Marvelous

Easter Sunday

4.14.19 You Will Be With Me In Paradise

Have you ever promised to stick with someone through the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow – to be with them through it all? Maybe it was when you recited marriage vows, or became a parent, or moved in to help care for a family member who was ill.

From beginning to end, the biblical story reveals a God who will face anything to be with us. God will go to any lengths for us, God will never be separated from us. Loving us is written into God’s DNA. There’s no part of God that has any desire to be except to be with us. The cross shows us how willing Jesus is to be with us, regardless of the cost. Is being with us forever really worth God going to such lengths to secure? Can we really believe God thought we were worth it?