Liked what you heard this Sunday? Couldn’t make it to church? Either way we’ve got you covered. Sermon’s are posted each week and are available for download, to share, discuss or reflect upon.


7.14.19 Forgive Us As We Forgive Others

Our story of faith begins with God saying, “Let there be light.” But by the time Jesus comes along in a world filled with division, brokenness and hatred- his rallying cry is one for forgiveness – both the forgiveness we receive and the forgiveness we extend to others.

7.7.19 Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

What was Jesus telling us about how God provides for us? These words help us consider how God answers our prayer - often through the hands of others. Does this prayer also call us to become the answer to someone else’s prayer?

6.30.19 Thy Kingdom Come

Pastor Tracy continues her sermon series on the prayer of "Our Father"

6.23.19 On Earth As It Is In Heaven

“Our Father, who art in heaven…” These opening words of the Lord’s Prayer are so familiar that we often speak them without much thought. But to the disciples who first heard Jesus tell them to pray using these words - the prayer was a thunderbolt, a radical new way to pray that would shape their lives and alter the course of history.

6.16.19 A Father’s Love

This Sunday is Father’s Day and I know some of you are excited to have your parents or children and grandchildren in town to celebrate. It is in this family life together that we often first learn about love, faith, acceptance and forgiveness. And while our families can be supportive, they can also be complicated and messy.

03.03.19 Love Never Fails

In the wake of “the vote” in the UMC, Pastor Tracy Hausman confronts the issues we face as a church, as a community, and as followers of Jesus Christ.