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3.17. 19 Why Jesus? Pt. 2

I find my God in nature. How many times have you heard your friends tell you that familiar line? Perhaps you have said the same thing. I have certainly experienced God in nature. 

I love the mountains and the snow and the gorgeous summer days. I love to cross country ski. I love to start my day with a beautiful trail run. But you could spend all your time enjoying the best powder days, have the best day of fly fishing, hike a most splendid trail, look upon the most magnificent views, discover the most beautiful wildflowers- and still not know what God is like. 
For me, there is something far more fulfilling and life-giving to be experienced in the God we find in Jesus than simply the God we find in nature. 

I hope to be worshipping with you on Sunday and sharing some of the unique aspects about the kind of God we find and seek to follow in Jesus Christ. There will still be plenty of time left after church to enjoy God’s magnificent creation in nature as well!

3.10.19 Why Jesus?

“Why Jesus?” That’s what my neighbors always ask me. 

Why can’t you just join the friendly neighborhood conversation and be content with a nice chat about “spirituality” right along with the rest of us? 

Why Jesus? I could try to answer by giving them a theological rundown on Christology, reviewing theories of atonement, flooding them with scripture, or insisting that Jesus is the only way to salvation. I suspect that would not get me invited back to the next neighborhood potluck. Nor does that approach often get any of us closer to the Jesus who has the real power to transform our hearts, our minds and our very lives. 

So instead, I tell them stories- the stories Jesus told and stories told by those whose lives were changed by Jesus…including my own. 

Join us each Sunday during our Lenten journey as we take a closer look at the Jesus we find in scriptures – a Jesus far more interesting and compelling than simply a discussion about spirituality around a cheese plater with friends and neighbors. The Jesus we find in the stories of scripture will continue to fascinate and challenge us, in spite of our attempts to domesticate his message and ignore his call to follow. In his radical teachings, his self-sacrificial death, and his liberating life beyond death, this Jesus teaches and shows us the true meaning and purpose of our own lives. 

3.3.19 • Love Never Fails

Yesterday I sent out an enews about the recent vote in the United Methodist Church regarding the issue of inclusion of gays and lesbians within the full life of the church. Based on your response, I know this is weighing heavy on the hearts of many of you and more than just an “issue” for many of our church families who feel wounded and excluded. Let me assure you this will not change Park City Community Church’s commitment to work for love and inclusion of all people within our congregation, community and around the world. 

2.24.19 • Astonished

When was the last time you were astonished by God?

Some people like to be astonished by God. Others tell me that they have been startled quite enough all week long, thank you very much, and the last thing they need on Sunday morning is to be startled again. As I read the scriptures, when God acts…..people are startled. 

“They were astonished” the Fourth Gospel says about Jesus’ friends one day. They are startled. What they see challenges some of their most precious assumptions. Here he is, a Jew, sharing a drinking cup with a Samaritan, a man conversing with a woman in broad daylight, a Rabbi bantering with an immoral woman. 
And there is more astonishment to go around. Before the story is over the Samaritan woman and the whole town will be so amazed by what Jesus does that they themselves are transformed by the encounter. 

John wants to make sure we understand that people are astonished by Jesus’ behavior, and the implication is that if you read this story correctly and understand what is transpiring, you will be astonished, too.

2.17.19 • Who Would Jesus Send a Valentine to?

Happy Valentine’s Day…this is a day to celebrate and give thanks for all the people we love in our lives. 

Actually, that is how I start each day. In my morning prayers I lift up thanksgiving for the people that I get to share life and love with – which includes all of you here at Park City Community Church. 

And yet I also read the scriptures and hear Jesus call us not only to love our family, friends and church companions. Jesus has this radical idea that we ought to love even our enemies and those who persecute us, the foreigner and the immigrant, the widow and the orphan, the poor and the sick - and then he goes on to show us with his own life and ministry just what that looks like. 

While quite a challenge, I wonder if it isn’t also the start of the good news Jesus wants us to each personally experience and then be a part of sharing with the entire world – this crazy idea of God’s limitless love that knows no boundaries. 

2.10.19 • Can I Get a Connection

I see God's love at work within many of you who cross through the doors at Park CIty Community Church. As Hebrew 10: 24-25 begins ....Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, I will share with you how I have seen this in action among us. I am witnessing a Transforming Love daily within our walls. A love that is moving outside and into the world. 

Please join me this Sunday and be inspired by the stories of the Love and Community we share at Park CIty Community Church and beyond.